tlc Rescue is a incorporated not-for-profit organization.

Our mission is to help stray, homeless, or abandoned cats and dogs and provide shelter, health care, and basic necessities until a permanent, responsible and loving adoptive family is found. Our vision is to see all animals live happy and healthy lives in a world without animal abuse or neglect.

tlc Rescue was founded by three women who have actively dedicated much of their lives to ensure that all animals (particularly cats and dogs) are not living on the streets, homeless and/or being neglected or abused. Our rescue efforts focus on Westchester County, New York, primarily in the southern end of the county.

We often work with other rescue groups and shelters, most of whom have insufficient space for all of their cats to roam freely. Our philosophy is that no cat should be caged, except when needed to address temporary medical issues. We believe that cats need room to play, lounge and interact with each other and humans in an open environment.

Our facility currently consists of six rooms for cats. Each room has ample windows, pet beds, scratching posts, cat trees, and lots of toys to keep the cats stimulated throughout the day. We designate space for newly rescued cats to be isolated while recovering from spay or neuter surgery until it can be determined which other cats they will get along best with until adopted. We also offer critical aftercare space for ferals in our TNR (Trap Neuter Release) program that aims to stop animal overpopulation.

We currently work with other groups to assist dogs in need, and hope to expand and be able to help more directly.

Our NYS registration # is RR191.